Our Albums & USB's


Choose your albums shape and size.

Usually square 20x20  | 30x30

OR Landscape 20x30 | 25x35

(Many other sizes available)


What cover would you like?

Black or brown leatherette OR a

printed cover. Additional covers are 

Genuine Leather, Aluminum, Linen or Wood 


You are welcome to choose the images used in the album OR leave it in our hands to design the album as best as we know how.

(You may request a design preview)



These Ultra-Professional albums make use of thick board as pages, print quality is excellent and the pages lie completely flat when the album is opened. You have the freedom of choosing the images that go into your album or leave it in our hands to design your book as best as we know how.


Your album will be wrapped in a luxurious leatherette cover which will then have your names embedded on the front of it. Upgrading to genuine leather or wood covers are possible. Other album sizes, as well as more affordable options, are available on request.



Flash sticks are amazing!

Thanks to fast transfer speeds lots of storage options.

We have a selection of USB's that we use. These vary in storage size and style. We now offer flash sticks that have a standard USB-A on the one side and a future proof USB-C on the other end. They are presented to you in a display box or in a branded booklet.


Standard USB on one end to share images to one another.


Future proof type C on the other end.

Bamboo Box

Presented to you in a modern recyclable bamboo box.